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Who would want to kidnap her?
Lia Von Stratham knew she was a nobody. What would anyone want with a simple humanitarian who spent long days dispensing food and medicine to third world refugees? She owned little, and certainly nothing of interest to anyone else. Nor did she possess any political leverage. Her use as a bargaining chip would amount to nothing. A ransom demand would yield similar results. Neither her family or her employer had any money.
So, what did they want with her?
Who would gain by her abduction?
Her kidnapper identified Marcel DuPries as the genius behind her abduction, but the name meant nothing to Lia. Absolutely nothing. And questioning the man responsible for her captivity gained even less.
The man remained as silent as death.

Verifying his victim by her unusual birthmark revealed far more than positive identification for the mercenary hired to bring in Von Stratham. The woman was a goddess. As each step brought them toward an increasingly unacceptable confrontation with DuPries, Lia’s endurance and resolve sucker-punched him square in the heart.
As much as he marveled at the woman’s strength and fortitude, it was Lia’s zest, her utter determination to live, that hammered at the shield covering his soul. He hadn’t known life could inspire such passion. Or how infectious it was.
Dragging his prisoner through one hostile country after another, before finally depositing her into DuPries’ hands, divulged one undeniable truth.

Lia Von Stratham was innocent and he had to save her.

Or… was saving her his own salvation?

Review by N.E. Brown, author of the Indignity Series
SURPRISES ON EVERY PAGE                                                                                                                                     Be prepared to read this non-stop as each page takes you on a journey of hate, revenge, love, and denial. This is a book you will keep in your library and read again.

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